ARMA established by four lawyers, uniquely qualified from various expertise and background. Serving more than a decade in legal industry, we have experience in major international and local clients, government and non-governmental institutions, as well as individuals seeking solutions to their legal issues.

We will never stop growing and continue to meet the needs of our clients

In the era of decentralized Indonesia and the rising of regional economic integration, we see the importance to combine global and local knowledge in legal advisory, in order to deliver precise, practical and appropriate legal solutions.

The etymology of ARMA means “arm”, “powerful hand”, or “tools”. With the spirit to become a dynamic law firm that embodies the philosophical meaning of being a powerful “hand” for our clients with our extensive expertise and legal knowledge within Indonesian legal nexus, the four young and professionals’ lawyers established ARMA.

We are here not only to hear and understand how to deliver strategic legal needs, we dive beyond the complexity of legal structure in Indonesia. We also understand the needs of clients to get practicable, precise and efficient solutions.

We believe as a young and dynamic firm, we will never stop growing and continue to meet the needs of our clients. We are committed to evolve with our clients, as well as the development of a global legal climate. While we constantly strive for evolution, we adhere to our core values with integrity, trust and professionalism throughout.

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