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Omnibus Law (Vol. 1): General Overview & How It Would Affect Your Business in Indonesia?


On 5 October 2020, the House of Representative has passed Job Creation Law (known as “Omnibus Law”). The Omnibus Law is expected to enhance the ease of investment in Indonesia through some amendments on various laws.

This ARMA Update addresses an overview of the Omnibus Law. We highlight some basic information to understand the Omnibus Law and also some insights related to foreign direct investment (FDI) and the company law.  We will publish a series of ARMA Updates, for specific related issues and/or changes introduced by the Omnibus Law.

ARMA Law provides this Update both in English (here) and Bahasa Indonesia (here). We also collaborated with Miura & Partners (a law firm based in Tokyo, Japan) to provide an Update in Japanese language (here).

In the meantime, our team has been continuously monitoring Omnibus Law and its implementing regulations. Until the date of the publication of this ARMA Update, the Omnibus Law has not come into effect, as the President of Indonesia has not yet signed the law. Thus, the entire analysis herein is based on the publicly available final draft.


Omnibus Law (Vol. 1)

Omnibus Law: Gambaran Umum & Bagaimana Pengaruhnya Terhadap Bisnis Anda di Indonesia?

Pada 5 Oktober 2020, Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat telah mengesahkan Undang Undang Cipta Kerja (atau yang dikenal dengan “Omnibus Law”). Dengan adanya Omnibus Law diharapkan dapat memberikan kemudahan berinvestasi di Indonesia melalui perubahan berbagai macam undang-undang.

Pada ARMA Update ini akan dibahas mengenai gambaran umum mengenai Omnibus Law. Kami memfokuskan pada beberapa informasi dasar untuk dapat memahami Omnibus Law dan juga beberapa informasi terkait dengan penanaman modal asing dan hukum perusahaan. Kami juga akan mempublikasikan rangkain seri ARMA Updates, yang membahas mengenai masalah-masalah terkait dan/atau perubahan-perubahan yang ada di Omnibus Law.

ARMA menyediakan Update dalam bahasa Inggris (di sini) dan bahasa Indonesia (di sini). Kami juga menjalin kerja sama dengan Miura & Partners (kantor hukum di Tokyo, Jepang) untuk menyediakan Update dalam bahasa Jepang (di sini).

Saat ini tim kami di ARMA Law terus memantau perkembangan Omnibus Law dan peraturan pelaksananya. Hingga tanggal penerbitan ARMA Update ini, Omnibus Law belum berlaku secara sah dikarenakan belum ditandatangani oleh Presiden Indonesia. Sehingga, seluruh analisis ini didasarkan pada naskah Omnibus Law yang tersedia dalam berbagai sumber.

This client update is the property of ARMA Law and intended for providing general information and should not be treated as legal advice, nor shall it be relied upon by any party for any circumstance. ARMA Law has no intention to provide a specific legal advice with regard to this client update.

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