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[Permenaker No. 5 Tahun 2023] Adjustments To Working Hours and Wages for Certain Export-Oriented Industrial Companies Affected by Global Economic Changes


With the recent global economic changes, it is no surprise that most Indonesian companies suffer setbacks in maintaining their business activities.  Such changes are sure to affect many industrial companies, especially export-oriented companies in which their sales and business activities are dependent on the global market demands from foreign countries and entities.

To combat this, the Minister of Manpower has enacted a new temporary policy under the Minister of Manpower Regulation No. 5 of 2023 (Permenaker No. 5 Tahun 2023) concerning Adjustments to Working Hours and Wages for Certain Export-Oriented Labour-Intensive Industrial Companies Affected by global economic changes, which creates adjustments to working hours and wages in an attempt to maintain and protect the continuity of their workers and business.

To find out more concerning the possible adjustments, please find our ARMA Update which further discusses this matter (here).


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