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Legal Framework of Green Building in Indonesia


The concept of a Green Building (also known as an environmentally friendly building) is the application of environmental principles in a building starting from the design, construction, operation, and until the management process to reduce negative impacts on the environment and have a positive effect on handling the climate crisis. 

In Indonesia, the practice of Green Building is increasingly in demand. Although there have only been dozens of buildings registered as Green Building since the first introduction of Green Building certification back in 2010, the trend for “green labeled” buildings is growing popular. According to the matter, the Government has issued various regulations related to Green Building.

This ARMA update will discuss the legal framework of Green Building, including the criteria, rating system, and certification used in assessing a building that meets the environmentally friendly principles in various regulations in Indonesia.

Please see our Update regarding this regulation in English (here) and Bahasa Indonesia (here). 


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